Our Staff


Mr. Blume – Principal

Mr. Nellis – Assistant Principal

Teachers, Specialists and Support Staff
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Early Childhood Teachers

Mr. Hill (Title 1 Pre-Kindergarten)

Ms. Silvan (Title 1 Pre-Kindergarten)

Ms. Walsh – (Pre-Kindergarten)

Kindergarten Teachers

Ms. Dominguez

Ms. Fraser

Ms. Petersen

Ms. Rumbaugh

First Grade Teachers

Ms. Brumwell

Ms. Corbin

Ms. Dudder

Ms. Wilson

Second Grade Teachers

Ms. Cohen

Ms. Dzelzgalvis

Ms. Smith

Ms. Burr, CTT

Mr. Flexhaug, CTT

Third Grade Teachers

Ms. Ashton

Ms. Boyle

Ms. Heavin

Ms. Price, CTT

Fourth Grade Teachers

Ms. Clements

Ms. Fowler

Ms. McAllister

Fifth Grade Teachers

Ms. Gerving

Ms. Hayden

Ms. Taylor


Resource Teachers

Mr. Clyne

Ms. Reisner

Ms. Berc (Psychologist)

Mr. Borromeo (Grades 3-5)

Ms. Brown (Safe School Professional)

Ms. Carino (Library)

Ms. Duncan (Nurse)

Mr. Eichorst (Music)

Ms. Garcia (Counselor)

Ms. Haderly (GATE)

Mr. Koppelman (PE)

Ms. Maccario (Grades K-2)

Ms. Shirley (Art)

Mr. Sikora (SEIF)

Support Staff

Ms. Arrowood (Resource Room)

Ms. Borden (Office Manger)

Ms. Gary (Grades 3-5)

Ms. Haman (Clerk)

Mr. Horvath (Computer Tech)

Ms. Lavoll (Food Service)

Ms. Matthews (Resource)

Mr. Moran (Night Custodian)

Ms. Neiman (Pre-K)

Ms. Pappa (Pre-K)

Ms. Portillo (FASA)

Ms. Rinaldi (Custodian)

Mr. Royval (PE Aide)

Ms. Ruckle (Library)

Ms. Saldua (Pre-K)

Ms. Smallan (K-2)

Ms. Tribuli (Pre-K)

Mr. Williams (Night Custodian)

Ms. Zapata (Office Aide)